So...I Got Spayed

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Dear Diary,  

Yesterday I got spayed, thanks to Dukes Animal Hospital everything went swimmingly!

However here are a few things everyone who is thinking of getting their pup pup spayed should know:

  • It is an all day thing; my drop off was at 7 AM and my mommy was able to get me at 6 PM

  • Your little bundle of joy will be very out of it the first day ......VERY out of it. Some shaking and panting is normal but if it gets extreme CALL your vet (always better to be safe than sorry)

  • We bought an inflatable cone, this is A LOT more comfy:

  • If your pup pup hates all cones (which is fair) try a recovery suit:

  • Try to minimize your pups activity as much as possible, and if you must bath your pup do it with a wash cloth - DO NOT GET THE STITCHES WET 

  • Instead of sedatives try benadryl - consult you vet on how much is okay for your pup based off their weight (typically 1 mg per pound) - BUT . ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK WITH YOUR VET:

  • Some pup pups may not want to eat the first day back but make sure they are staying well hydrated, (my mom hand to hand feed me water and food my first day back)

  • Most importantly make sure your pup pup has a calm comfy place to relax and don't for get to give them lots and lots of cuddles =-)