Howells & Hood- 435 N.Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

Today was a great day! I was busy trying to fix mommies socks by adding holes for her toes to go through when she scooped me up and said we were running late to meet Daddy and my brother Tavi somewhere. How can we run late? Whenever I try to run mommy says I’m going to fast. Humans are so confusing. 

Anyways, we walked for about 15 minutes and by the time I saw Daddy and Tavi I was STARVING. Daddy was standing in front of a place that had more outdoor doggy seating than I had ever seen before! There were dogs and their humans everywhere!

All the dogs were sitting at the tables and even had their own water dishes brought out by waitresses. I was too tired to eat, but Mommy and Daddy seemed to love their food. Mommy said we’ll definitely be back!