BARRIO -65 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL

So something my mommy and I want to do this summer is go find the restaurants with the best food in the city. They also have to be places that will give my mommy food too. She’s so needy! 

Today my mommy and daddy took my brother and I out Bark-io (the humans spell it Barrio for some reason), it’s one of my favorite restaurants in all of Chicago! 

The staff was super friendly and even let mommy and daddy sit at the table with Tavi and I! Tavi and I split a huge juicy skirt steak off their Bark-io menu but daddy kept stealing pieces of our steak so I licked his deconstructed Beef Tenderloin Tacos, that will show him! After I finished eating our waitress came over and played with me and even brought me a free desert. I didn’t have to do tricks or anything to get it! 

After mommy and daddy sat for like what felt like hours they finished their red water (which they never share!) we got to go for a walk around the block while daddy got the car. When the car came the valet even opened the door for Tavi and me, now that’s a first! 

All in all I’d give Bark-io 3 out of 4 toes. Wait, I only have 3 toes on my left paw. Ok, they get 3 out of 3 toes then. Would definitely eat there again!