Bark n Bag

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

After trying carrier after carrier, we finally found one of my mom and I's most FAVORITE brands Bark n Bag!

My personal favorite is the Monaco Totes, these trendy bags let me go virtually everywhere with my mom in a fashionable way. Also, because these totes look so much like a purse (a super cute purse, I may add) most people don't even realize i'm in there until I pop up to say hello!

Along with looking FAB, they are also very spacious! So when i'm tired of sticking my head out the top I can lay down for a snooze (I am about 10 pounds and can lay down comfortably), and still be able to see through the mesh paneled sides. They also have two pockets (1 interior, 1 exterior), so along with being an awesome pup carrier, they also do function as a purse.

OH and did I mention that these bags are only $60 (my mom has 3 so she can switch up the colors)

If your looking for a way to bring your pup on all your daily adventures, I would highly recommend checking them out =-)

ALSO don't forget to use promo code OLIVE18 to get 10% off your order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!